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What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is used in various contexts in the healthcare community. In this instance, the term credentialing refers to becoming an “in-network” provider with insurance panels. Once a provider is credentialed with an insurance company, they can bill that company directly. In addition, most insurance panels will also provide “in-network” providers with referrals and preferential reimbursement rates. Many panels split the credentialing process into two parts. There is a credentialing phase and a contracting phase. During the credentialing phase, an insurance panel will perform primary source verification on a provider to make sure that the provider meets the minimum requirements of the panel. In addition, the panels will access the CAQH to assess the providers' education and employment history.

Once the credentialing phase is complete, the provider’s application will be sent to contracting. At this time, the provider and the practice may be offered an “in-network” contract with the panel. If they are offered a contract, it will usually include the fee schedule and CPT codes for which the provider is eligible to bill.

At Acier, we use the term credentialing to encompass both credentialing and contracting phases of the credentialing process. The credentialing specialists are trained to navigate both credentialing and contracting to ensure providers are properly on the panels. 

Acier's Credentialing department also houses our Recredentialing Management, Hospital Privileging, and Licensing services. You can find more information about these services on their respective pages.

If you're looking for a credentialing service that can take the burden of getting on insurance panels off of your plate, consider us at Acier Healthcare Business Solutions. We’ve helped thousands of providers and practices get credentialed and we'd love to talk with you about our trusted and effective credentialing service.

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A Simple 4-Step Credentialing Process

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